Privacy Policy

Before you start with the purchase of goods and services from our website, there are some terms that you need to consider as per the company’s guidelines. As you know, we are selling medicines that belong to different classes and Also, learn that if you continue using the website, it simply means that you agree to the terms. Likewise, if you do not abide by the rules, you can preferably withdraw from surfing the web pages of

Storing Personal Data –

As the user/customer visit our website, some personal details get auto-saved into our database. Such information is general that mainly consists of – the user’s IP address, cache & cookies, current browser, etc. Apart from that, the personal information that we need mainly consist of – the user’s name, location, email address, ZIP code and other details. However, we always ask for consent before we require such data. Also, we cannot auto-save such data as it needs to be filled in by the user.

Protecting User’s Information –

We collect your personal information to provide various other services from our end. While you browse through different website web pages, our bots collect your browser information. It basically helps us provide you with more reliable data depending on your choice and preferences.

We abide by the terms that are thereby the cyber cell to protect the user’s data. More so, we believe in maintaining the secrecy of the details that belong to the user. Furthermore, we will never share your data with any source outside the company. Also, we do not discriminate on the basis of – race, caste, colour, citizenship, or other physical traits.

Use of Information –

The data that we collect is for storage, but we also use it for various activities. It involves –

  1. Use your data for marking it on the delivery address along with your correct phone number
  2. Deliver goods and services at the correct address
  3. Send promotional schemes and discounts depending upon the person’s preferences
  4. Inform users about any necessary changes done on the website
  5. Monitor or services and provide aid at the time of need

Apart from the above-mentioned usage of your personal data, we may also use it for other purposes. Alongside knowing that we do not share any information with third-party sites. Needless to say, we may disclose your data at the time of need that mainly comes under the law enforcement acts of the country.